What is Circles?
Circles is an online wellness platform with the goal of connecting meditation teachers with practitioners through a live video format.
What happens when I follow a teacher?
When following a teacher, you will get notified every time they start a meditation. You'll also be able to find their schedule and content in your Home tab.
I'm interested in becoming a teacher on Circles. How do I apply?
You can submit your application by selecting 'Become a Teacher' in our settings menu inside the app.

Contact Us

I found a bug. Where do I report that?
Please send a description of your issue (along with screenshots if possible) to
I need help with something else.
Please contact us by emailing or by going to 'Contact Us' in the settings menu in the app.


I'm receiving too many push notifications from your app. How can I make it stop?
You can customize which push notifications you'd like to receive by going to 'Notifications' from the settings menu.


What are the benefits for subscribing to a teacher?
Subscribing to a teacher allows you to support a teacher and help them continue live streaming their meditations. We're also planning on adding some exclusive benefits in the future.
How can I cancel my subscription to a teacher?
To unsubscribe you can do so from your subscription settings in the App Store.
How do I see who I'm currently subscribed to?
You can see which teachers you're currently subscribed to by going to 'Subscriptions & Donations' from the Settings menu.


How can I donate to support a teacher?
You can donate to a teacher directly during a session by pressing the 'Donate' button or on a teacher's profile page.
Still need help with something?
Contact us